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Premier Production Stream Studio
Host your next event, photo-shoot or recording at the Premier Production Studio, located 5 mins from Central Birmingham, whilst streaming it to audiences far and wide.
In January 2021, Premier Production Ltd expanded their warehouse space due to a rapid growth of demand, equipment and resources. Amongst our new space, we have been able to plan and execute an in-house studio able to accomodate almost any staged event in a COVID secure environment, that can be streamed to an array of different audiences and platforms.
In a world where our industry has had to adapt, evolve and remain forward thinking to connect with people from all over the globe, we strive to maintain the success of the arts, culture and entertainment sector in any capacity. Already we have leased our facilities to corporate companies for awards ceremonies, multi-national office celebrations and streamed mainstream DJ sets.
Benefits of virtual hosting include:
  • Little/no impact on the live conference format.
  • Larger live and virtual audience participation on a global level.
  • Cost effective in regards to venue and resource hire.
  • Fully customisable event and display settings.
  • In-house professional experts onsite for immediate assistance.
  • Enhanced virtual networking.